Celebrating 10 Years by Honoring 10 Women Leaders from Around the World

Ten years ago WDN started with a goal of increasing women’s political and civic leadership. This year we will highlight 10 women who have become leaders throughout the world. Each woman comes from a different background and has a different story, but they embody many of same qualities; determination, passion, purpose and a strong voice. This year we honor those women, their achievements and their commitment to a better world.

Celebrating 10 years of female leaders from around the world

About the Women’s Democracy Network


Recognizing that a full and robust democracy depends on the equal participation of women, the International Republican Institute began WDN in 2006 to help more women participate in the political life of their countries.

Ten years later, WDN is active in 61 countries in every region of the world, and features 14 Country Chapters. WDN members are achieving their leadership goals, serving as parliamentarians, deputy prime ministers, vice presidents, cabinet ministers and ambassadors. WDN members all over the world testify to the integral role WDN played in achieving these professional endeavors.